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Eddy Mufasa

Born Komlan Edson Robert Dick, to Togolese & Ghanain parents Eddy Mufasa made debuts as a songwriter compositor, before taking on the mic in 2008 on the advices of his teenage friend Sido Black Pheno who proposed him to remix a song.
From that collaboration, the idea of building from scratches their own record label , would see light and thus become what we know today as ‘’Money Factory Cellule’’ to whom he is the C.E.O.
Product of the many cultural influences, he would experience on a daily basis and eager to show what he is worth, he would collaborate with Sido on his first ever video clip ‘’Encore’’ before moving abroad to Italy in 2011.
In 2012, he teamed up with the group « Impact Music » and signed songs like « Superstar » or « You and Me » winning the best video awards at the M’boa 2013 event.
The year 2016 marks the beginning of his solo career with his long awaited EP: « N’di » in which he exposes his original universe through (7) titles, including a remarkable remix of the song « Lafoulou » in honor to legend ‘’Bella Bellow’’ and a collaboration with another rising rapper KanAa.
In 2017 he came back with the single: ‘’Guitar Love’’ and this time around , success was at the rendez-vous: TRACE TV, BEBLACK, MTV … just to name these ones ; international radios such as RFI through the broadcast: ‘’Couleurs tropicales’’ with Claudy siar or BBC radio with Ata Ahli ahleba all had a piece of him.
As a reward for that year’s effort he was unsurprisingly a Nominee in the ‘’Best Artist -Diaspora ‘’ category at the All Music Awards (Togo).
His repertoire today includes the album KETA dropped in 2018 with hit songs like ‘’No problem’’ and other upcoming projects…

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